This page 1 14 billion years long the long lonely past we discovered the story of imagination and so the song the drum and the beat, the laughter, the tears were felt. We cry in that river of discovery on all the things and there will be things that are lost and never found. The mystery of darkness the mystery of demons, these are the things that sound the heartbeat of the soul. There's nothing there, there's something there, there's a shadow as the shadow takes place. The poet the music the master and the slave. We were once dancing, laughing in the wind. shaken full of fear while we're going to wake again. In the winter of summers breeze.n the making
Freedom was a state, love was a state and where are we now? Without people who care for the environment for the soul for the happiness of being. The spiritual existence of humanity is lost and shared in the distant past of hunters and gatherers as we walked a