This website will create a new civilization, it will use all the good people that have existed and exist in all civilizations including civilizations prior to the Agricultural revolution.

It will be bigger than all revolutions combined.
Every country will have its own website, they will allow their states, regions, communities, universities, high schools, primary schools, and last but far from least Aboriginal People if any exist in that country - This creates a truly connected world and at last PEOPLE POWER.
The web sites will be run as charities and develop a political party.
We will develop our own social media. We will develop anything necessary to fully function as an ethical-moral sustainable. [The complete opposite to what we have now] world.
Our consciousness will rapidly transit from one of self-centred greed to one of  understanding and caring  
Please enter the new consciousness and the new world that we are going to create and partake as co-creators in a universe of  LOVE for we are created by love to become love
Please only respond if you want to establish your own countries web site
Basic criteria understanding and connections to Permaculture
Kind Regards