stuff we will be doing

We will be concentrating on consciousness/body and connecting with other countries to unite the people of the world.

Most of what is below will be done by links to people who are pursuing these directions

1 Refusing to buy anything new unless absolutely necessary

2 Legalizing Pot L.S.D. MDMA and encouraging research like

3 Alternative medicine

4 Massive research on energy to replace fossil fuels

5 Reducing work to 2-3 days/week

6 Permaculture to replace agriculture

7 New economic system

8 Explore the uses of the natural environment eg

9 We will be rewriting all history books of all countries and printing the truth

10 Education that focuses on the child

11 Population growth

12 Memory techniques/Mindmapping Co-creative Learning

13 Thinking skills Lateral, logical, critical, creative.

14 Does the deep state exist and does it control  governments