The Beginning

 Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” and "I say we are a small group that will change the world"

This web site [ Wollongong, only people living in Wollongong will be considered at this development stage ]     requires a Web site Manager a Marketing Manager and a Project Manager these are the most important at this stage however if you would like to be considered for other positions OK stuff like Lawyer, Accountant, Cybersecurity, Media Graphic Designer, High school /Primary school web site developer and a host of other positions that will be needed.


These positions are extremely suitable for Uni/High/Primary students [They can be done by an individual or group of people like a project] as they are the ones who are going to have to deal with the mess we have left and are leaving them, they can use this as part of their Uni/High/Primary course and above all, they still have some creativity and the rebellious nature society and the education system have tried to destroy left in themselves.

Before we leave this crazy world behind us. No one gets paid till the site starts to make money. Reason 1 I am a pensioner with no money and 2 if you can't make it happen then you can change the course you are on. 3 Be prepared for this to go viral vastly more efficient than any virus that has and ever existed

We will have as much fun as possible and use the KISS Principle keep it Simple Stupid [or Straightforward]

Amongst a host of stuff, we will be using

For those interested in the above positions, we will look at how the body functions works done by, amongst others. 

Consciousness is it inside the mind [What is mind? does the brain create the mind?] or outside the mind? if consciousness is outside the mind does the mind and how does the mind access universal consciousness? or does universal consciousness infiltrate the mind? 

What are human conditioning and pre-human birth conditioning?

What is meditation?

Do countries and religions exist or are they creations of the mind?

Does an Individual need someone to understand him/her self, does she/he need a Psychologist, Priest, Politician, Family/Friend to understand Him/Her self or is Her/His Mind capable to understand itself?  

The above are the fundamentals of how to understand ourselves

Everything we need to do to get off Fossil Fuels restrict the effects of Global Warming, the 6th Human created Mass Extinction and create the New Civilisation we are establishing is known, we will explain this and provide the solutions

TALKING IS FINISHED THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW- If you think I am angry you are totally wrong