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This Web site, needs a Web site developer, a Project manager to put teams together, a Marketing manager to make money to pay people. You can do this as an individual or in a group what you learn can be shared in your work or as part of your studies,
We will be using thinking skills like Edward-De-Bono type thinking methods, Different teaching/ Learning skills

Every Country will have there own site they will allow there States regions and Communities too have there own sites
Indigenous People will have there own sites,  High / Primary Schools will have there own web sites and this will unite the people into one cohesive whole that no power structure can defeat

We are going to create a ethical moral sustainable civilization- the exact opposite to what we have now

To save this planet we need to change as individuals first and act together second.

The easiest way I have found to change is to learn how to understand how the mind functions the best person for me is J. Krishnamurti, the best book to start You are the World.
Learn different methods of thinking besides just logic, Edward-De-Bono is great alternative
We need to understand the body, some books that help me are Listening To The Body R Masters- J Houston. Awareness Through Movement   Moshe  Feldenkrais. and one specifically for the back Mindful Spontaneity  R Alon
What is so good about the above is that they guide you into understanding yourself by yourself.

To act together form a web site [this one is attempting this and run it as a charity with a Political branch], and alow each country to have a web site, they allow there states they alow there regions they alow there communities. likewise with any Aboriginal groups on the planet. There will be sections for Adults high school Primary and kindergarten children.

First we list the catastrophic problems facing Humanity, Global Warming,Deforestation, Over Population, Flora and Fauna invasion, Over Fishing, The Mono Agricultural  System The Banking System etc etc etc

Then we supply the solutions.

We look at the Elite [ also known at the Illuminati the Syndicate and other names]    who are they, there history, there aims and the influence they have had and currently have on Governments of the world.

We will look at the true history of all countries that now exist and have existed on the planet and compare it to the history we are told

We will look at evidence of Ancient Civilizations prior to ten thousand years ago

All this info is here now, all we are doing is putting it together and uniting the people in a common purpose